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Transformation of the Day: Tamora lost 32 pounds with healthy eating habits and exercise. We featured her back in August, and she is still going strong with help from her online trainer and nutritionist. Leaning on faith and having a positive mindset/lifestyle are also key to her success.

Age: 42
Height: 5’7″
Starting Weight: 234.8 pounds
Current Weight: 202.8 pounds

How have you maintained your weight loss & continued to lose weight?

I have maintained my weight loss and continue to lose weight by sticking to the regimen given by my online nutritionist, @NutritionistGuru, and the full structure of the “Fitness on Fire” Online Training Program.  

I drink plenty of water, work out 4-6 days a week, and stay positive. I truly believe having a positive mindset and lifestyle promotes a healthy lifestyle by always finding the good in things and speaking goodness over yourself and into yourself – especially on the days when you are not feeling motivated, or something may have happened that dampens your mood. 

What obstacles, hurdles, or setbacks have you faced during your journey, and how did you get back on track?
The obstacles, hurdles, and setbacks I have encountered on this journey to a healthy lifestyle are just life. I have moments of depression when I’m feeling alone and underwhelmed. I have grief from the loss of family and feel defeated because I don’t always feel like I am the best mother to my children. I have been sick with the flu, respiratory infection, and even Covid, resulting in many doctor appointments. 

I am also an entrepreneur, so time management was not always easy for me. But, through it all, I was able to get back on track because of my faith in God, my belief in Jesus Christ, and my love for my faith. I know that God has not placed any limitations on me, so why should I place them on myself? I deserve to be healthy, fit, and toned, look healthy and love myself and not feel that I am being conceited or insecure. I’m confident knowing that I am everything God created me to be, and there is nothing more beautiful than that. 

Also, I forgave myself for things I allowed to happen to me and the things that I did. I moved past the hurt and the “woe is me” phase and came to define my life, not my circumstances, obstacles, or hurdles. Also, sometimes those “hurdles and obstacles” can be great moments to pause and think – I mean really think – about where you are in that moment. Are you on track to where you are trying to go, and do you need to make any changes?

Tamora before and after

What has worked in terms of eating habits, and what worked in terms of exercise? 
What has worked for me in terms of exercising and eating habits is sticking to the routine that my trainers have provided. I thought not being able to eat pork would be really challenging for me, but now I know that everything is about mindset. Not being able to eat something vs. choosing not to eat something is a huge difference. Just that shift in perspective can change how this program works for you. 

Exercising has moments where I am challenged to keep going (as my trainer says) even when I feel bored. I am not a person who likes routines. I like change, and I love to see progress. So seeing the weight loss and how my body changed kept me motivated enough to continue the journey and trust the process.

What lessons have you learned on this journey? What stands out the most?
I learned to stop telling myself I can’t, believe in myself more, and do things for myself that don’t have to benefit someone else. Me time is ok. Balance is key, and so is time management (I can’t do everything in one day).

The one that stands out the most: trust the process. Have faith in the process, even when you don’t know what the finished product will look like. It’s ok not to have all the answers. That was huge for me because I always wanted to believe that I had control over things. When I didn’t, I would walk away. Now I am able to stick things out, as long as it aligns with what I believe is the bigger picture or my purpose. 

At this point, would you offer any new or different advice to others who want to lose weight?
I would advise anyone wanting to lose weight to think about your “Why”. If your why isn’t strong enough, you won’t make it through the program or achieve the desired weight and body goals you say you want. 

The FOF online training program has definitely helped me make this lifestyle change. However, I had to want it first, even if I didn’t realize I wanted it. I knew I wanted to lose weight and get healthy because I wanted to be better at how I valued and saw myself. I would give and give to others and never left anything for myself. This program reminded me that I deserve to give to myself and make myself a priority. I realize that can I ever go back to what I was doing before because it clearly wasn’t working. 

I would recommend FOF program to family and friends because it works, especially if you are someone who requires accountability. Having a personalized trainer and nutritionist was one of the best things about this program. I wasn’t just given a list of exercises and foods to eat, and left alone to my own devices. I’m being coached and encouraged. 

I was challenged to do more in my workouts. I was corrected and held to wise choices in food. The motivation and encouragement helped so much. Sometimes we need to hear that we’re doing a great job and to keep up the good work. Sometimes we need to know that we are being held accountable. 

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