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Everyone struggles to stay motivated at different stages of their weight loss journeys and when you have kids and a family to worry about it can sometimes make it harder. Healthy Mummy Julia Meadows knows how hard it is to stay on track. Julia is now sharing with you her ten tips that have helped […]
If you’re trying to get inspired to start your new healthy eating plan, you’re not alone. We have been hearing from lots of mums who want to lose pregnancy weight and have either purchased some of our products, joined up to our next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, or have just been checking out the Health Mummy […]
It’s the new year which means you may be looking at setting some New Year’s resolutions. Something along the lines of: “Next year I promise I will going to get to my goal weight by cutting out all vices, eating healthier and exercising more.” Sounds big! Ambitious! BUT before you get caught up in the process […]

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