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Transformation of the Day: Sierra lost 111 pounds. After being diagnosed with pre-diabetes, she began her lifestyle change by incorporating new habits like intermittent fasting and working out four days a week. Check out her transformation story.

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I’ve longed to provide a submission for quite some time… I always felt my weight loss had to be 50+ lbs or better to be worthy of being shared. But I’ve learned that every pound lost is a victory. 🙂 

Let’s start with my stats and then get into my story:

HW: 310 pounds (Mar 2021)
SW: 301 pounds (Nov 2021)
CW: 273 pounds
GW: 199 pounds
[Stretch] GW: 155 Lbs (Half of my original weight!!)
I have not had any weight loss surgery. 

Believe it or not, I am naturally a size 6-whew, it’s been a lifetime since I’ve seen that dress size. I first began gaining weight in high school after being put on medication. Going from a size 6 to a size 10/12 may not seem like a big deal, but it was devastating for me. 

Since my HS days, I have lowkey been on a mission to get my size 6 body back. Fast forward to roughly 2010, I remember complaining to my bestie Wendy that I was approaching 200 lbs. And as a best friend should, she assured me I looked great, and my weight was fine.

Then the weight continually crept up, and I was gaining roughly 20 lbs a year until I tipped the scales at 308 lbs which is wayyy too much for me being 5’5″. I used to tell myself I looked the same at 300+ lbs as I do at my current weight, which of course, was not the case. 

I began having minor medical issues and a couple of doctors wondered whether I had diabetes. Just hearing about the illness associated with me brought on fear. Finally, my fear was realized last summer: I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in August 2021. 

To get myself back on track, I rejoined a gym on Halloween 2021 and equipped myself with better eating habits, such as Intermittent Fasting [18:6] and drinking 3 liters of water a day. 

In my first month of IF, I lost 9 lbs effortlessly! I would have my first meal at 1 pm during my lunch break and then a well-balanced dinner at about 6 pm. My go-to lunches included JJ Smith’s Green Smoothies or a serving of white meat and a veggie or two; a fav being shrimp & broccoli, sometimes with corn on a cob to fill me up. 

I focused more on moderation than elimination. I know I shouldn’t get a three-piece spicy from Popeye’s, but the NOLA woman in me cannot resist. With other fast food joints like Chick-fil-A, I would size down (e.g., I began eating kids’ meals versus consuming a large sandwich combo with a large fry and large drink). Recently, I ordered a five-count grilled nugget coupled with a serving of pretzels and a liter of water. We can still eat at some of the places we love. We just have to be strategic.

Are you drinking your water, ladies? Water consumption is easy for me, but I know it can be a doozy for some. I would drink a [16.9 oz] bottle of water on my drive to & from work and walk into work with two bottles (which is one liter). Then when I returned to work at 2 pm from my lunch, I’d bring another two bottles/1 liter into my office. I would have drank my 3 liters by dinner, then reward myself with a cup of juice with my second meal (I don’t like drinking water with my dinner).   

At the gym, cardio is my best friend; the stationary bike is my go-to. I aim for at least 45 mins about four times a week. But even if I only have 20 mins to dedicate to the gym, I make it count. I always want to do HIIT with the bike, treadmill, and elliptical. However, we all know how the elliptical will humble you—pray for my knees yall. 

Occasionally, I take aerobics classes, and I’ll soon start doing AquaFit, which I’m excited about! I also enjoy walking outdoors. Walking the weight off is very doable. I walk for 20-60 mins any chance I get.  

My greatest inspiration on this journey has been improving my health. Reversing my pre-diabetes top of the year and seeing the changes in the way my clothes fit is the sweetest motivation. 

My biggest lesson this past year on this journey has been that every healthy choice matters and is worthy of being celebrated. 

To the woman reading this: Just take your journey one pound, one inch, one meal at a time, and you’ll get there. You don’t have to wait until the New Year. You’ve already begun by reading this for inspiration. So take things to the next level so I can read your journey in the coming weeks. 

I’m rooting for you, sis!!

-Sierra Shanette


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