[ad_1] Transformation of the Day: Lena lost 112 pounds. She worked with two trainers and transformed her eating habits to release weight. She also transitioned to being Vegan during her journey. Her kids, family, friends, and loved ones inspired her to stay on course. Social Media:Personal: @lenas_journey_Business: fierceandfitlb What was your motivation?I wanted to become healthier.  […]
[ad_1] Tarryn Hensler decided to join The Healthy Mummy when her youngest bub was just 2 weeks old and wanted some extra support to keep her on track so joined the 12 Week Challenge as well. She’d already been on the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge for a few months and seen results and was […]
[ad_1] Hi friends! Happy Friday! How are you? What do you have going on? Our friends are having their annual Elf party tonight and we have the fighter group’s kids’ Christmas party tomorrow. I’m setting up a table for the kids to make snowman slime! I’m also teaching a barre class and finishing up holiday baking […]
[ad_1] Transformation of the Day: Monique lost 56 pounds. Her journey began on the day she noticed how much she’d let herself go. When she got on the scale, she couldn’t believe the number she saw. By figuring out what foods her body needs and committing to fitness, she regained control of her life and body. […]
[ad_1] Many of us struggle to lose weight and also keep it off. In fact, so many of us wonder, ‘Why is it so hard to lose weight?’ This is because ‘in the wild’ we were programmed to look for food that kept us full until we hunted for our next meal. We would naturally […]
[ad_1] This raw chocolate tart, made with cashews and cocoa and an almond coconut crust is a decadent gluten-free dessert that doesn’t require any cooking! What if I told you that you can make a decadent chocolate dessert that doesn’t require any cooking? This raw chocolate tart is one of my favorite chocolate-y desserts. Not only […]
[ad_1] Transformation of the Day: Kimm lost 44 pounds. When one of her photography clients offered to give her waist beads, she almost turned her down. Ultimately, she found wearing waist beads to track progress incredibly motivating. Intermittent fasting was also key to her success. Social Media:Instagram: @simply_kimm_ / @blakeydawnphotosFacebook: Kimm Reed What was your motivation? What inspired you […]
[ad_1] Did you know that the average Christmas dinner with all the trimmings can mount up to as much as 6,000 calories?!!! Woah! And that’s just Christmas day! If you look at all the other Christmas treats over the festive season, it’s easy to see why your weight loss goals can go out the window! […]
[ad_1] Helloooo! Happy Friday! How’s the week going and what are you up to this weekend? December is acting like it has somewhere to be, and even though I tried to get ahead on things, I still feel behind. I keep trying to remind myself that you don’t have to do ALL of the things […]
[ad_1] Transformation of the Day: Natalie lost 22 pounds. Since the age of 19, she has struggled with hypertension. During her transformation journey, her focus has been on being healthy for her husband, children, grandchildren, and family at large. She worked with an online training program to get results.  Name: Natalie Berrian ClarkAge: 53Height: 5’4″Starting weight: 192 […]
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