Transformation of the Day: Sandra lost 32 pounds. Over the years, she tried various programs and methods to release the weight. Then, her cousin (who we featured this year) got impressive results with an online fitness and nutrition program, so she decided to try it. Age: 49Height: 5’5″Starting weight: 162 poundsCurrent Weight: 130 poundsWeight Lost: 32 poundsStarting […]
Julia Meadows has been a part of The Healthy Mummy community for years and has had amazing results using the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, so when she saw some of the weight come back, she knew exactly what to do to get back on track. The weight loss journey is full of ups and […]
Hey friends! Happy Friday and hellooooo from Scottsdale. I’m here for a Mastermind event with Jill, and enjoying soaking up as much knowledge as a can and creating my plan for 2023. I have some exciting new things that I want to do and create, so I’m pumped to share them with ya. (With Giselle, Amber, Kim, and Natasha at […]
Transformation of the Day: Sarah lost 166 pounds. She wanted to live an active lifestyle and enjoy things like traveling and hiking with her husband. So she decided to have gastric sleeve surgery and began the process by changing her eating habits six months before surgery. She shared with us the insights she’s gained and how […]
Meal Prep, as we already know, is a GREAT way to stay on top of your eating habits, GET ORGANISED and feel motivated and in control. When you really get stuck into it, you might even find yourself daydreaming about Tupperware and how great it would look colour coordinated with the day of the week, […]
It can be so hard to shop for the guys this holiday season! Sharing gift ideas for Him at all price points and for anyone in your family you’re trying to cross off your list.  Hi friends! How’s the week treating you? I have a podcast interview this morning and am looking forward to a […]
Transformation of the Day: Jasmine lost 67 pounds. Faced with high blood pressure, iron deficiency, and borderline diabetes at 28, she decided it was time to prioritize her health. She has transformed by being intentional about her eating habits and working out consistently. She also became a Vegan and a health/fitness coach. Social Media:IG: @saayyitfitness_TikTok: Saayyitfitness28Facebook:Saayy it […]
Wow! What an incredible achievement! These two incredible mums, who also happen to be mother and daughter together made a pledge to lose 50 kilos together with the 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, and in just 9 short months they have smashed it out of the park, losing 51.5 kilos!! Jessica says, ‘My mum and […]
Hi hi! Happy Friday! What’s going on this weekend? I hope you have a fun and relaxing one ahead! I’m catching up on some work stuff this morning, studying for IHP, and fighting the temptation to decorate for Christmas. Usually we’re a strong “honor the bird” family and wait until after Thanksgiving, but this year […]
Transformation of the Day: Moya lost 65 pounds and several dress sizes. She shared her story with us back in June and has lost 19 more pounds. This busy mom shared with us how she achieved and now maintained her awesome results by focusing on nutrition and exercise.  Age: 43Height: 5’5″Starting weight: 253.5 poundsCurrent Weight: 187.9 poundsWeight Lost: 65.6 […]

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