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Transformation of the Day: Lori lost 205 pounds. Over the years, a lack of proper nutrition led to weight gain and health conditions. Ready for a change, she began her journey in 2020 by changing her habits and eventually had gastric sleeve surgery.

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What was your motivation? What inspired you to keep going, even when you wanted to give up? 
My motivation was life. I was overweight my entire life due to a lack of proper nutrition. As time passed, I started to develop additional negative health conditions because of my weight. I knew it was time for a change. I didn’t give up because I knew I knew I needed myself. One thing about me, I never let myself down. 

When did you start your journey? How long did your transformation take? 
I started my journey Fall of 2020. It took about two years to get where I am. 

Is weight loss surgery part of your journey? 
Gastric Sleeve 04/05/2021
Panniculectomy 11/07/2022

How did you change your eating habits? 
I tried different programs, and nothing worked for me. I began intermittent fasting and enjoyed it. Although my diet was still poor, it helped me curve my appetite. 

I am currently on a low-carb/high-protein diet. As far as sugar is concerned, I allow myself to have desserts when I have a craving. I never deprive myself of my favorite foods. “Moderation is key.”

Lori before and after

What is your workout routine? 
I recently just had a procedure [Panniculectomy], so I am limited when it comes to workout routines. Most of my exercise comes from walking and going to the sauna.

How often did you work out?
Not often!

What was your starting weight? What is your current weight? 
Starting weight: 385 pounds
Current weight: 180 pounds

What is your height?

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?
Always be kind to yourself. Enjoy every moment in life. Capture sweet memories and reflect. Once you see how far you’ve made it, you’ll never doubt yourself again.

What advice do you have for women who want to lose weight?
Do it! All it takes is courage! I never thought I’d be here submitting before and after pictures of myself after being overweight my entire life! So if it is on your mind, GO FOR IT!

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