How can you go the extra mile with your summer workouts

HIIT is the best workout to burn calories and SHRED! A great accompaniment to the Summer Shred 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge.

Think, working out for less time and gaining more results! Perfect for the hot days when you want to get your workout in and enjoy!

Healthy Mummy trainer, Wendy reveals how you can go the extra mile with your summer workouts.

HIIT workouts can help you shred for summer!

“HIIT is an acronym for High-Intensity Interval Training. It is an easy way to gain results quickly as you’re working out for less time and achieving more. This is a great option to go the ‘extra mile’ in summer,” Wendy says.

Do you want to get into that bikini you’ve always wanted to this summer? Summer is a great weight loss motivator and incorporating HIIT workouts can help you achieve that.

Wendy recommends setting a date as a meet point, such as your birthday, your child’s birthday, Christmas Day, or even a dinner party can make you more focused and motivated to get your workouts in.

“Set mini goal dates that are easy to meet. Do one 5 minute HIIT workout every second day and rest on the weekend, then the following month do two 5 minute HIIT workouts from Monday to Friday and rest on the weekend,” Wendy says.


Why before and after snaps are important

Another tip from Wendy prior to completing your HIIT sessions is to print a ‘before’ photo or some clothing you would like to wear again or buy and stick it on your fridge. This helps to visualise success!

Wendy says, “Try to get addicted to the ‘feel good’ hormones that get released during and after a HIIT workout session.

“If you enjoy your workout, you are definitely more likely to return to the same workout and continue your wonderful fitness journey.”

An exercise mat and a bottle of water. Make sure you have comfy trainers and work out clothes and importantly a good fitting sports bra.

Workout with Wendy and try one of our HIIT workouts

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