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Transformation of the Day: Hope lost 47 pounds. She took action because she was tired of how the extra pounds made her feel. She was also tired of lacking confidence and being unable to wear the fashion she loves. By making nutrition and fitness a top priority, she changed her life.

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My name is Hope, and I am a nurse. I weighed 87 kgs/192 pounds before my weight loss journey. I currently weigh 66 kgs/145 pounds. I am 160 cm tall/5’2″.

There were two main reasons which motivated me to lose weight:

1) Weight gain always made me feel tired and exhausted all the time. I found it cumbersome even to stand and work for long hours. I could not walk up the stairs or take a short trip to the supermarket without running out of breath

2) I have always been a fashion enthusiast. I love wearing heels and beautiful sexy dresses. Over time, my heels did not fit because of the increased weight. I struggled to walk, let alone stand in them. Also, I did not like the way I looked in the mirror, all the bulge, and having to shop around for bigger sizes. 

Hope lost 47 pounds

Initially, I was in denial. I would buy smaller sizes as motivation, believing I would fit into them eventually. This inspired me to start my weight loss journey and look more confident in everything I wear. 

I am happy to say that I lost weight without going to the gym. Instead, I easily shed weight by doing different forms of exercise at home and merely walking outside.

What I eat has also helped me have a healthier and happier life which I now enjoy. I cut down on processed food, carbohydrates, and sugar. I eliminated soda from my diet as well.

Weight loss is possible only if you combine the right workout with healthy eating and practice portion control. One should also avoid white rice, bread, and refined sugar as much as possible. Also, whole grains help accelerate weight loss and help you maintain weight loss in the long run.

Apart from this, one should also concentrate on chewing their food well, drinking enough water, and being consistent with their workouts.

Now I walk up the stairs instead of using elevators. I believe getting the chance to lead a healthy life, wear bikini shorts and beautiful dresses (without feeling less confident), and look good is the greatest motivation of all.

My dream is to work to protect the environment and work towards women’s empowerment. I also want to help every individual to lead a healthy life. When you have so many dreams, you need to stay fit and healthy. Hence I do not lose focus.

Hope before and after weight loss

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