Healthy Foods for Losing Weight

The idea of eating to lose weight sounds crazy but it is epitomized by the ideals of sticking to a diet of healthy foods to lose weight. In fact, this is a better way of dealing with your weight issues. Many people will opt to eat very little foods while also focusing on eating foods that are low in calories. Others simply stop taking a wide range of foods. If you have the desire to lose weight you should remember that it is the same food that will shape your body.

Many people will ask, “Can I lose weight fast?” The answer is a yes and no. Yes, losing weight fast is feasible; something that many people achieve over a period that is a short as a week or two. No will be because some people will take measures that make them cut those extra pounds quickly and the result is having a body that is weak and craving for energy. Eating is the only compensation that offers a solution and this takes them right back to where they started. The best way is to understand the nutritional elements in various foods

Many body-health practitioners’ advice to people is to take a good amount of fruits and vegetables and cutting down on eating highly processed foods. This is a call that is further supported by the goal of cutting down on calorie-rich foods and taking foods that have a good fiber-content like fruits and vegetables. However, as much as that is a solution, it takes way the essence of eating a balanced meal. It pushes some people to simply eat less, which is not healthy


A particular contributor to weight gain is having a docile life; what some people may call a “couch potato”. You need to lead a revitalized, energetic, active life if you want to keep your weight in check. You can still gain weight by sticking to a diet of healthy foods to lose weight and by not keeping your body active. This does not mean that you should be out in the gym or hitting the race tracks hard. It just means that you should take up the daily life chores and activities around the home or workplace. Taking a walk, swimming, jogging are also simple exercises that you can do to keep your body active.

Though we are to cover how to lose body weight while still eating your daily share of meals, we also aim to touch on exercising for it is an important aspect of dealing with weight. Nevertheless, we will strongly state,”it is a must that someone does this using only those foods that are healthy”.

Aside from your fruits and vegetables, you also need to take some foods that have protein and a bit of carbohydrates. This keeps the nutrition ratio in your meals balance to support you goals of losing weight without quitting on food.

Can I lose weight fast on such a diet? Yes you can and the Dukan diet is a perfect example to prove this. The Dukan health diet is a rich-protein plan that is clearly evident in its second of the four phases of the plan. It does not eliminate but simply lowers the intake of carbohydrate from your diet. For those who do not know, carbohydrates are just sugar, and sugar is a huge contributor to weight gain. The body changes excess sugars into fats and these are stored in your body cells and blood. Hence, the focus in the Dukan diet is to aid people to stay healthy by taking low carbohydrate diets. This helps because body energy is still important and sugar provides that energy.

Healthy Foods for Weight Lose List

The diet has 100 kinds of foods that you can take in good portions and still manage to lose weight and be healthy. If you target to lose weight now when losing weight within selected time goals, then you need to have a workable and effective healthy diet plan. Some of the foods in the diet plan from Dr. Pierre Dukan include:

Meat – Many weight-lose diet plans advocate for meals that have no “red meat”. The Dukan diet is the opposite of this; advocating for you to include meat like tongue, fillet of beef, kidney, beefsteak, sirloin steak among other meats and offal in your dish.

Fish and seafood – Fish is a known protein-rich food and it highly advocated for as a healthy dietary food by many nutritionists. You can eat various fish from trout, cod, herring, grey and red mullet, tuna, salmon, bass, and whiting among other fish. Seafood like crab, lobster, oysters, squid and the like are also considered in the group of healthy foods to lose weight.


Poultry and Eggs – Eggs are high in proteins; hence they easily make it into the Dukan diet list of 100 healthy weight lose foods. You can take eggs from poultry like quails and hens. Speaking of poultry, their meat is also a good source of protein and Dr. Dukan suggests eating such meat even the liver.

Milk and Dairy Products – Milk is nutritionally balanced so it will never miss in a health diet plan; the Dukan diet suggests taking skimmed milk. Other Diary products that make the list include fat free yoghurt and cheese.

Vegetables – Rarely will you hear nutritionists talk about protein rich vegetables, but Dr. Dukan has done so in the Dukan diet list of 100 healthy foods to lose weight. Various common vegetable make it into the list; the protein-vegetables include tofu, konjac, and oat bran.

Importance of Protein in Weight Loss

You might wonder why there is such a focus on proteins in this diet plan. Well, protein is an important element in the metabolic functions of the body for the production of energy. The body will start on carbohydrates to get that energy and will shift to protein when the carbs are exhausted and finally to the stored fats when the proteins dwindle.

Building your body system and cells is a process that needs enough amounts of protein. Hence, with the Dukan diet,the body will have enough protein in its cells for energy through the weightloss process. That is why protein is very indispensable during weight loss dieting

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