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Transformation of the Day: Tamora lost 32 pounds with healthy eating habits and exercise. We featured her back in August, and she is still going strong with help from her online trainer and nutritionist. Leaning on faith and having a positive mindset/lifestyle are also key to her success. Age: 42Height: 5’7″Starting Weight: 234.8 poundsCurrent Weight: 202.8 pounds How […]
This podcast episode is sponsored by Nutrisense! I’ve been a huge fan of Nutrisense for over a year and recently wore another CGM during the holidays. If you’d like to join me and get insight to your habits, your body, and make some healthy changes, sign up here. Use this link and the promo code TFP (stands for The Fitnessista […]
Transformation of the Day: Stacia lost 50 pounds. Committing to a Raw Vegan lifestyle truly changed this vibrant 42-year-old’s life. She knows the saying is true, “You reap what you sow.” So she is committed to reaping “a harvest of good health and vitality.” Social Media:Instagram: @staciadavidson Tik Tok: @staciadavidson YouTube: What was your motivation? I needed a change in […]
Adults aren’t the only ones who suffer with weight issues. Alarmingly, stats reveal 25% of Australian kids are overweight or obese – and this number is climbing following the pandemic, when it wasn’t easy for children to burn off their energy. Most of the time, children obesity is directly due to a poor diet. But […]
The Great Book Review of 2022: Sharing the books I read in 2022 and whether I’d recommend adding them to your collection. Hi hi! How’s the day going so far? I hope you’re having a wonderful morning! I’m looking forward to a movie with the crew and catching a hot yoga class later today. I’d […]
Transformation of the Day: Oienriette lost 84 pounds. She wants to feel as good as possible in her skin and be as healthy as she can be in the future. She transformed with VSG surgery, exercise, and healthy eating habits. What was your motivation? What inspired you to keep going, even when you wanted to give […]
If you’re trying to get inspired to start your new healthy eating plan, you’re not alone. We have been hearing from lots of mums who want to lose pregnancy weight and have either purchased some of our products, joined up to our next 28 Day Weight Loss Challenge, or have just been checking out the Health Mummy […]
Transformation of the Day: Ashley lost 70 pounds. She wanted to show her children what it looks like to be disciplined and teach them the value of sacrifice. She shares how she took action through healthy eating habits and exercise.  Social Media:Instagram: @beauty4ashes87 What was your motivation?My motivation was to finally not give up on myself-the ME […]
It’s the new year which means you may be looking at setting some New Year’s resolutions. Something along the lines of: “Next year I promise I will going to get to my goal weight by cutting out all vices, eating healthier and exercising more.” Sounds big! Ambitious! BUT before you get caught up in the process […]
Transformation of the Day: Kelly lost 116 pounds. When she began to develop minor health issues, she decided to take action to avoid more serious issues in the future. She got results by working out at a popular Atlanta boot camp and changing her eating habits.  Social Media:Tiktok and Instagram: @Allsidesofkay What was your motivation? What inspired […]

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