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Today is the start of a new year and the PERFECT time to lose some weight and improve your health for 2023! But what if we told you how to predict if you’ll succeed or fail? Interested? We’re sharing our secrets. Knowing what will help you succeed in your weight loss goals is essential. Check […]
Sharing some tips on how to make a mason jar salad + some of my favorite combos and recipes! Hi hi friends! How are you? I hope you’re having a wonderful morning so far! We’re on a Disney cruise right now – I’ll report back with all of the fun and have been sharing some […]
Transformation of the Day: Maimuna lost 75 pounds by focusing on nutrition and fitness. This hard-working mom of two shared with us how she invested in herself and committed to the process. Social Media:Instagram: @munas_fit_journey I have been on and off my weight loss journey. In the past, I never took it seriously, or I would give up. […]
As the Christmas decorations come down, the New Year’s resolution lists fill up. So how can you ensure you actually keep on track with your goals rather than falling off the wagon come February? By thinking SMART, getting a partner in resolution, accept bad days and more…read our tips below to stay on track with your […]
Hi hi, and hello from San Diego! We’re off on a little adventure – I’ll be sharing pics and and videos over on IG – and I’m really looking to vacation and family fun. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead! It’s time for the weekly Friday Faves party! This is where I share […]
Transformation of the Day: Cherylle lost 22 pounds. She wanted to get in better shape as a girls’ basketball coach and be active with her daughters, who play sports. By making practical lifestyle changes, she got results.  Social Media:TikTok: @bellabella523 What was your motivation? What inspired you to keep going, even when you wanted to give up?My […]
Everyone struggles to stay motivated at different stages of their weight loss journeys and when you have kids and a family to worry about it can sometimes make it harder. Healthy Mummy Julia Meadows knows how hard it is to stay on track. Julia is now sharing with you her ten tips that have helped […]
Interested in switching to safer products? In this post, I’m sharing ingredients to avoid in your beauty products and why it matters for overall health. I’ll be honest, my journey to switching to safer personal care and beauty products began long after my health journey started. I’ve dedicated much of my life to fitness and […]
Transformation of the Day: Mika lost 106 pounds with healthy habits and exercise. She found motivation and inspiration in seeing her body transform, being an inspiration for others, and improving her health, so she’ll be here to see her daughter grow up. Social Media: Instagram: @missmikameeks TikTok: miksmeeks6 FB: ms.mika.moore   What was your motivation?Seeing my daughter grow up […]
Hellooooo. Happy Friday! How are you? I hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far! The kids headed back to school this week and as much I want to say YAY I finally got work done and we’re back in a routine, nope. I missed them like crazy and I hate waking up early, so […]

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