A Healthy Mummy Smoothie a day has helped this single mum lose a massive 30kg!


Heidi Eijkman is a 37-year-old single mum to two girls that realised she needed to make a change after losing her dad in 2018. She went looking for a simple, fast and healthy breakfast to help her beat her breakfast skipping habit, found The Healthy Mummy Smoothies and has since lost 30kg!

Not only has Heidi made amazing changes in her weight she’s also seen gigantic shifts in her mental health and confidence as well!

Read her fantastic transformation story below…

Single mum Heidi has not only transformed her body but also her mind and confidence after a 30kg weight loss!

Being a single mum means that Heidi often has little time to devote to herself, and when she unexpectedly lost her dad when he was only 62, she realised she needed to do something about her own health. She also wanted to show her two daughters (16 and 10) how to live a healthier life.

“After losing my dad at only 62 back in 2018, I knew I needed to change my lifestyle if I didn’t want my kids to bury me so young, and I also wanted to show them a healthier way to live. It took 12 months of grieving for me to kick into gear finally.”

Her journey started when she realised she needed to stop skipping breakfast and found the Healthy Mummy Smoothies were a perfect fit for her life.

“My Healthy Mummy journey then began when I learnt that skipping breakfast wasn’t helping my health journey. I needed something with all the nutrients and in as little time as possible, and that’s where The Healthy Mummy came in. I have one Healthy Mummy Smoothie a day for breakfast.”

She also tried some of the Healthy Mummy recipes but found that with her family’s needs, she had more success just adapting any recipes her family already enjoyed to be healthier.

“I did attempt using some of the Healthy Mummy recipes, even purchasing a recipe book, but with allergies and fussy eaters, it became too challenging and I found it easier just to adapt what we were used to having.”

She found the weight wasn’t coming off, so she decided to get a personal trainer to help her shift the weight.

“After about 18 months into my journey, I was struggling, and my weight wasn’t really shifting. I needed more help, so I took on a personal trainer, who I still have today. I now do 3/4 strength training workouts per week and walk once or twice a day.”

Heidi at 99kg vs 79kg

With that change, Heidi saw the success she was hoping for.

“In just over 3 years, I’ve lost 30kg, I’ve gone from a size 20/22 to a size 12/14.”

But it wasn’t just her weight that changed. Heidi is also feeling more confident and has seen changes in her mental health.

“My mental health has improved so much, and I’ve gained so much confidence and new friends along the way.”

Heidi’s weight loss and budgeting tips

Heidi has some simple tips for mums looking to lose weight like her.

“My biggest tips for losing weight would be:

  • know your calories,
  • drink lots of water,
  • sleep for at least 7 hours a night
  • move your body daily.”

But the biggest piece of advice she would give others trying to make a change is that its hard work but worth it!

“If you want to lose weight, you need to work for it, but in order to do that, it needs to work for you. Make your weight loss journey a part of your everyday life so it doesn’t become a chore, and you end up changing your whole lifestyle in the process.”

As for budget tips, these were critical to Heidi and her daughters making healthy changes.

“My budgeting tips would be:

  • Keeping an eye out for the Healthy Mummy sales they are great for stocking up
  • Freezing your leftover dinners, you’re less inclined to grab takeout if you have a pre-cooked dinner in the freezer.”
Heidi at 109kg, 99kg and 79kg celebrating the changes

Weight loss is hard work, but Heidi is all about celebrating the wins!

“My name is Heidi, and to date, I have lost 30kg since being a healthy mummy mum; I’m 37 and a single mum of 2 girls who are 16 and 10. I am from Wingham, NSW.”

“From 109kg to 99kg and now 79kg! 3 years of hard work and determination. Healthy mummy shakes for breakfast, walking every day, 3/4 gym sessions a week and a calorie deficit have gotten me this far. Only 9kg to go to get to my goal.”

Well done on all your success so far, Heidi, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you again when you hit that goal weight!

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